Rogaining is team sport of long distance cross-country navigation and enjoying. It is closely related to orienteering and many people enjoy both sports. The events can take up to 24 hours on route choosen by the competitors.

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old news

Team statistics

In ERC2009 there are participants from 15 different countries.

	Number of runners:
CZE	25
EST	106
FIN	209
LAT	101
RUS	148
SWE	11
UKR	24

More statistics about team amounts you can find here

15.8.2009 0.10

SPORTident fastening

Read the instructions on how to attach SI card to your wrist.

11.8.2009 15.55

Event centre

11.8.2009 15.53


List of participants is now updated with up to date information from the bank. If you think your team should be marked as paid please contact jari at kaaja . fi

15.7.2009 13.43

Camping before and after ERC at Ylläs

If you plan to spend more time at Ylläs and arrive before Friday or leave after Monday there is Camping area in close proximity to Competition center. Ylläksen Ykkös Caravan offers -10% of camping fees to ERC participants. Mention ERC during reservation. There are showers and sauna etc. available there.

13.7.2009 14.12

Camping at the Competition Centre

Competitors may put up their tents at designated tent areas at the Competition Centre. Tent area opens at the same time as Competition office (Friday at 12.00) and closes on Monday at 12.00. More information is available from the Competition office.

7.7.2009 10.31

Only 49 team places left

There is still place for 98 runners. This equals to 49 teams of two. If you have already registered your team make sure you have paid the participation fee and make sure it is stated as "paid" in the list of participants in the registration system.

2.6.2009 10.31

There is place still for 90 teams

The competition is becoming full, there is place still for 190 competitors. If you want to join the competition, make your registration soon. If you already have registered but you have not paid your participation fee, take care of it immediately. When 800 competitors become full, we will take teams to the waiting list. And unpaid will be losing their places.

20.5.2009 10.44

Short Rogaining races in Finland

There will be 2 short rogaining races in Finland. First 2 h "sprint" in Turku monday 25.5. and then 3 h short race in Kangasala saturday 6.6.

25.3.2009 19.54

530 racers 25.3.2009

Now we have over 500 racers. And we have also some new countries: South Africa, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, United States, Denmark...

25.3.2009 19.54

Over 430 racers 1.2.2009

On the first due date of registration we have got many racers to sign up for ERC 2009. There are still 370 places left but the question is "For how long?"

3.2.2009 19.22

Registered teams

To see who you are competing against check the list of participants

19.1.2009 18.22

In first week 230 racers

First teams from Sweden, Czech Republic and United Kingdom are now in the startline. From how many countries do we still get participants?

17.1.2009 17.42

81 teams and 180 racers

There is still "seat" for 620 racers.

12.1.2009 20.48

Entry fee

If you can see your team in ERC 2009 Registration System everything is OK. During next week you will receive invoice by email with instructions on how to pay the entry fee.

11.1.2009 11.17

Teams on the list in first 23 hours

24h      MO      Team Penalty Adventure 1 
24h WO Luxus 1
24h XO Luxus 2
24h MO Aatsat
24h MO HC Kukot
24h XO JFF
24h WV ArcticCircle24
24h MO C9H13NO3
24h XSV Aavasaksan Kisa
24h MO Team Hanut
24h MO Team woodman 1
24h MO 3A
24h WO Team woodman 2
24h MO Golden Boys
24h MV Team Sormat
24h MO AC Harharetki
24h XO Zahkna Team
24h MSV Novgorod1
24h WV Novgorod 2
24h MV EST1
24h WO Novgorod 3
24h XV Novgorod 4
24h MO Salomon Estonia
24h MO Maxwell's demons
24h WSV Crazy antiques
24h MV Scary penguins
24h XO Tupakkiaron Kilpasiskot
24h WSV Ilves-HI
24h MO Hukkasuunta 1
24h MO HukkaSuunta 2
24h MSV Ilgonis Krumins
24h MV Riga
24h XO penalti
24h WO You&Me
24h WO Fox Force
24h MO To be defined later
24h MSV Havi käsul
24h XSV Jekaba Agentura
24h XV Lido zemu S
24h MO Lido zemu J
24h MO X3M
24h MV Pskov
24h MO e-Coach
24h XV Lynx-Lynx
24h MV Onnea OSSI


11.1.2009 11.15

47 teams and 100 racers

Speedy beginning, in spite of problems. There is along "seat" still for 700 racers.

11.1.2009 10.31

Now it operates properly again

We got the ERC 2009 Registration System to function again.

10.1.2009 19.06

Problems in the registration

ERC 2009 Registration System does not operate perfectly at the moment. We are working on it and trying to fix it as soon as possible.

10.1.2009 18.59

13 teams in first 10 minutes

Now we have 13 teams from: Finland, Russian Federation and Estonia

10.1.2009 12.10

ERC 2009 Registration System is open

The first team has made the registration. The first team which has entered for the competition is Team Penalty Adventure 1, Finland.

10.1.2009 12.00