Rogaining is team sport of long distance cross-country navigation and enjoying. It is closely related to orienteering and many people enjoy both sports. The events can take up to 24 hours on route choosen by the competitors.

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ERC 2009 News


Some photos from ERC2009.

29.8.2009 14.23


The actual route of winners in 24h race is in RouteGadget now.

Control choises with a map for every team are available in the results. Just click the name of the team. Speed and distances are also there.

17.8.2009 14.23

Thank you!

We like to thank everyone who participated ERC2009 and made it into a memorable event for all of us. Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Good luck for next year's EC race in Ukraine and see you again in future events!

17.8.2009 13.30

See how the others gathered their points

It is possible to draw routes and see routes of competitors with RouteGadget

16.8.2009 19.15

Official results

The results of ERC 2009.

16.8.2009 18.10

The race is over

Race clock was turned off 12.30 and preliminary results are ready. First impressions from competitors on route and nature are more than positive. Even the rainy and chilly night didn’t slow down the top teams, whom were able to exceed even the route setters plans.

ERC 2009 has been raced and competitors are happily enjoying shower, healing their blisters, sore muscles and consuming the hash houses servings.

16.8.2009 14.21

Results for 8h

All teams from 8h race have made their way to finish. Winner with 110 points was team 'Extempore' from Finland. For more information please see the result page.

15.8.2009 22.00

The race is on

Totally 280 teams were able to get to start line and started their competition against clock.

Route plans divided racers to three main directions.

ERC 2009 begun in beautiful sunny weather, few gray rain clouds hanging far on horizon.

Hash house is ready to feed hungry racers and tenting area provides shelter for personal attention and rest.

15.8.2009 15.35

Team statistics

In ERC2009 there are participants from 15 different countries.

 	Number of runners: 
CZE	25 
DEN	8 
EST	106 
FIN	209 
FRA	1 
GBR	2 
LAT	101 
NRU	1 
NUL	2 
NZL	1 
RSA	2 
RUS	148 
SWE	11 
UKR	24 
USA	4 

More statistics about team amounts you can find here

15.8.2009 0.10

Event centre

11.8.2009 15.53

Camping before and after ERC at Ylläs

If you plan to spend more time at Ylläs and arrive before Friday or leave after Monday there is Camping area in close proximity to Competition center. Ylläksen Ykkös Caravan offers -10% of camping fees to ERC participants. Mention ERC during reservation. There are showers and sauna etc. available there.

13.7.2009 14.12

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