Rogaining is team sport of long distance cross-country navigation and enjoying. It is closely related to orienteering and many people enjoy both sports. The events can take up to 24 hours on route choosen by the competitors.

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ERC 2009 Bulletin 2

European Rogaining Championships 2009

August 15-16th, 2009 Ylläs - Finland

Bulletin 2


All rogainers are cordially welcome to participate in the European Rogaining Championships 2009 in Finland. It will be the first ever rogaining event organised beyond the Arctic Circle.

In the competition the rules of the International Rogaining Federation are followed. The championships are held in 24-hour competition format.

Event Centre

The event centre is located at the northern section of Ylläs Ski Centre, Kolari, Finland. The site can be found at the links below: Google map or
NLS Citizen's MapSite


A competition team consists of 2 to 5 members. A team which has a member who is under 14 years of age shall also have a member who is over eighteen years of age.

Competition categories

In the championships there are several competition categories.

MO Men open
WO Women open
XO Mixed open
MJ Men Junior, at least 14, but under 18 years of age
WJ Women Junior, at least 14, but under 18 years of age
XJ Mixed Junior, at least 14, but under 18 years of age
MV Men Veteran, at least 40 years of age
WV Women Veteran, at least 40 years of age
XV Mixed Veteran, at least 40 years of age
MSV Men Superveteran, at least 55 years of age
WSV Women Superveteran, at least 55 years of age
XSV Mixed Superveteran, at least 55 years of age

The teams compete in every class for which they are eligible, i.e. juniors, veterans and superveterans compete in open category, too.


The registration starts on January 10th 2009 12.00 AM and closes on July 31st, 2009.

The registration is made over the internet at: After the registration has been received the organisers will send a confirmation of registration and an invoice.

The maximum number of participants is 800. If there are more applicants the excess teams are placed on a waiting list.

The top ten finishers at each category from the previous European Championships and ten teams from each participating country are eligible to participate, if they apply within the registration time.

Entry fees

The entry fee of a team is the sum of individual fees of the team members.

ClassPaid by 1.2. Paid by 31.5. Paid by 31.7.
24 h 60 €/person 70 €/person 80 €/person
8 h 40 €/person 50 €/person 60 €/person

Cancellation policy

In a case of a cancellation, the organisers refund the team like following:
The cancellation done by July 1st, 80 % is refunded.
The cancellation done by July 31st, 50 % is refunded.
The cancellation done after July 31st, no refund is done.

A team can change its members using the internet service free of charge until July 31st. Any other change, after given date, or change requiring manual labour, costs 5 euro, and must be paid in cash at the event centre before the competition material is delivered.

Event map

The map is a topographic map in a scale 1:50 000 with a contour interval of 5 metres.

The map is printed on one A2 sized paper. Each team member receives his/her own map and a plastic map cover.

There are maps available at NLS Citizen's MapSite and

There are maplegends available at link "tutustu karttamerkkeihin"

Map legend (PDF)

Checkpoint descriptions

In the competition the checkpoint descriptions are given in symbols used by the International Orienteering Federation. One can ask for translations of the symbols from ones national orienteering federation. IOF controls descriptions

Preliminary competition timetable

Friday August 14th
12.00 Event centre opens

Saturday August 15th
9.00 Delivery of maps
12.00 (noon) Start of the competition
20.00 Finish of the 8-hour competition

Sunday August 16th
12.00 (noon) Finish of the 24-hour competition
18.00 Event centre closes

Travelling to Ylläs

Please have a look at for travelling information.


At Ylläs there are several options for accommodation, including camping. Following special prices have been negotiated: For further information and bookings, please contact

Lapland Hotel Äkäshotelli, price per night, including breakfast

single hotel room 70 €
double hotel room 75 €

Kanerva apartments and cabins for two 80 €
1 bedroom Alpine apartment for two 100 €
2 bedroom Alpine apartment for two 120 €

extra bed 15 €

The mini spa and sauna are available free of charge for all hotel guests.

Obligatory equipment

For your own safety each team must carry a mobile phone in a waterproof package and a first aid kit with emergency blanket, first aid gauze (pack or two rolls), plaster and sports tape. Each competitor must have a whistle, a water container, some food and a cap, spare undershirt and windproof jacket.

Additional information

Further information will be added on the website whenever it becomes available. You may also contact the organising committee:

Chairman of the organising committee: Jari Kaaja,

International contact

Miika Pietila, miikapietila(e)

Bulletin 3

Will be publish July 1st

Welcome to Ylläs!