Rogaining is team sport of long distance cross-country navigation and enjoying. It is closely related to orienteering and many people enjoy both sports. The events can take up to 24 hours on route choosen by the competitors.

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ERC 2009 Bulletin 3

European Rogaining Championships 2009

August 15-16th, 2009 Ylläs - Finland

Bulletin 3

Event Centre

The event centre is located at the northern section of Ylläs Ski Centre, Kolari, Finland. The site can be found at the links below: Google map or
NLS Citizen's MapSite

Preliminary competition timetable

Friday August 14th
12.00 Event centre opens, competition office opens
12.00 - 21.00 Model event
21.00 Competition office closes

Saturday August 15th
7.00 Competition office opens
9.00 Distribution of maps
11.00 SportIdent clearing begins
11.30 Entry to starting area opens
11.50 Entry to starting area closes
12.00 (noon) Start of the competition
20.00 Finish of the 8-hour competition
22.00 Prizegiving ceremony of 8-hour competition

Sunday August 16th
12.00 (noon) Finish of the 24-hour competition
18.00 Event centre closes

Forbidden areas

It is forbidden to be in the competition terrain after 12th of August. Competitors are allowed to be in the model event part of the terrain and at the Event centre.

National park area

The competition is partly on national park area. Competitors need to know and obey the special rules that apply on national park.


Only SI equipment provided by organizers can be used in the competition. Competitors are not allowed to use their own SI cards or any other SI equipment.

Travelling to Ylläs

Please have a look at for travelling information.

There are some train connections to get closer. For example Express train 873 with car carrier space on Thursday 13.8.2009 from Helsinki at 21.23 to Rovaniemi.


At Ylläs there are several options for accommodation, including camping. Following special prices have been negotiated: For further information and bookings, please contact

Lapland Hotel Äkäshotelli, price per night, including breakfast

single hotel room 70 €
double hotel room 75 €

Kanerva apartments and cabins for two 80 €
1 bedroom Alpine apartment for two 100 €
2 bedroom Alpine apartment for two 120 €

extra bed 15 €

The mini spa and sauna are available free of charge for all hotel guests.

Cancellation policy

In a case of a cancellation, the organisers refund the team like following:
The cancellation done by July 1st, 80 % is refunded.
The cancellation done by July 31st, 50 % is refunded.
The cancellation done after July 31st, no refund is done.

A team can change its members using the internet service free of charge until July 31st. Any other change, after given date, or change requiring manual labour, costs 5 euro, and must be paid in cash at the event centre before the competition material is delivered.

Additional information

Further information will be added on the website whenever it becomes available. You may also contact the organising committee:

Chairman of the organising committee: Jari Kaaja,

International contact

Miika Pietila, miikapietila(e)

Bulletin 4

Will be publish August 1st

Welcome to Ylläs!